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Established in 2009, XpandAsia is dedicated to providing world-class services for market entry in Asia. Originating from our Shenzhen office, we have evolved into a multinational team of over 80 experts, maintaining a strong presence in China, South Korea and Europe. Our commitment lies in delivering award-winning market management solutions to some of the world's finest brands, guiding them to success in the intricate landscape of China.

Our services are crafted with the vision of providing an all-encompassing solution, offering brands simplicity and confidence as they navigate and expand within the markets we serve. Embracing an Online to Offline approach, we continue to adapt and grow alongside our partners, adhering to the core principles that have been instrumental in our collective success. As the needs of our partners evolve, so do our strategies, ensuring that we remain a steadfast ally in their journey to conquer the complexities of the Chinese market.

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“Working with XpandAsia has been an absolute game-changer for our brand. Their expertise in navigating the complexities of the Chinese market helped us achieve unprecedented growth.”

Emily Johnson

Senior Marketing Manager, GlobalTech Solutions

“XpandAsia truly understands the pulse of the Chinese ecommerce landscape. Their tailored approach and attention to detail ensured that our brand message resonated with the target audience”

Daniel Martinez

Director of Operations, Prime Innovations Group

“As a newcomer to the Chinese market, we were apprehensive about the challenges ahead. However, XpandAsia's professionalism and commitment to our success quickly put our worries to rest.”

Sarah Chang

Chief Financial Officer, Summit Enterprises Inc.