Leveraging Social Media Marketing for Brand Visibility and Audience Engagement

Social Media Marketing

China's Fast-Digitizing Economy

The influx of international brands has become significantly more sophisticated and competitive.

Historically, imported brands enjoyed a significant edge in China as they were frequently among the first to market in their respective sectors. From food and beverage brands to cosmetics, wholesale buyers frequently made purchasing decisions based on brand popularity in markets outside of China.

The objectives of brand marketing are to increase company awareness, expand the brand’s consumer base, and increase brand loyalty. Social media and digital marketing take this a step further by enabling firms to engage with Chinese consumers where and when it suits them.


WeChat China’s most popular social media messaging app with over 1 billion active users.

WeChat is loaded with an abundance of features including mobile payments, airline bookings, official brand accounts and e-commerce store with B2C functions.

WeChat is a huge source of traffic allowing you to interact with subscribers through push feeds and feedback forms.Customer feedback on a marketing channel is crucial to learning about your customers' experiences with your brand and to hear their recommendations.


Weibo's user base continues to grow and has developed into a formidable tool for entering China's market. Weibo, dubbed China's 'Twitter,' provides a great opportunity for your company to engage with prospective customers.

Additionally, it includes a feature that connects its massive audience to several online marketplaces, including Tmall. By utilizing the digital marketing options provided by Weibo, you can increase brand awareness and obtain input on client preferences.


Baidu is to China what Google is to the West. It is the local go-to search engine accounting for over 70 percent of all searches conducted in China. Utilizing experienced local SEO writers to optimize your Brand for Baidu search is an efficient way to have your brand rank higher and drive large traffic to your website. Bear in mind that it is critical to hire a native speaker who is familiar with the Chinese


Douyin, known as Tiktok in the West, allows users to make and produce videos. With the help of Douyin influencers, brands have seen their campaigns go viral in China.


Xiaohongshu, widely known as RED or Little Red Book in English, is a shopping app with a predominantly female clientele. With a monthly active user base of 100 million Chinese, this social media platform represents an incredible potential for multinational businesses to expand their presence in China.

Social Media Services offered by XpandAsia in China

XpandAsia's mission is to make Asian markets accessible for small to mid-size brands by offering solutions and strategies that will inspire, nurture, and cultivate their success. Social media solutions are researched, designed, and executed by local experts to give brands an in-market partner to win big in new markets.

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