KOLs are popular and influential public figures with massive followings in the range of tens of millions on the social media accounts.

Brand Popularity In China

One way to grow your brand popularity in China is to recruit the services of a KOL or key opinion leader.

Other people’s perceptions about a brand are important to Chinese consumers, and these are always considered before they make a purchase. The better ratings a brand earns, the greater its market share. A brand becomes even more appealing when it is endorsed by an A-List celebrity.

Brand Mentions By KOLs

KOLs are hired to share your company’s brand-specific articles, posters, and content on their social media accounts. Brand mentions by KOLs reach millions of potential customers almost immediately, creating unprecedented brand awareness and conversions.

The massive brand reach generated by KOLs places them in high demand and the cost of using them is very expensive.

A great launch strategy is to give KOLs gift cards. Potential customers are always eager to participate in giveaway competitions. So, giving KOLs gift cards elicits interest and excitement around the brand.

China is the largest consumer of fashion in the world. Opportunities for both luxury and low-end fashion brands exist and will continue to grow the following years. Domestic e-commerce platforms provide multiple entry opportunities for new fashion brands entering the China market.

With trendsetting online influencers driving the way, KOLs provide the ideal platform for expanding your business into China.


XpandAsia's KOL Services

The local expertise at XpandAsia will assist brands in making informed decisions about their influencers.

Create Your KOL Campaign

The initial step is to outline your campaign's objectives. The more precise and quantifiable the data, the better. Perhaps you want to enhance conversions, grow your brand's following, or establish a presence in a new market.

Source Influencers

After those are identified, we begin looking for influencers who can assist you in achieving those goals.  We weigh-up the type of content they publish and their user-interaction, and if these will meet the brand objectives.

Influencer Matching

It is critical for brands to carefully analyze the influencer's niche and ensure that they are a good fit for their brand before working with them.

Negotiate With KOL

To convince a KOL to accept your pitch, they need to be convinced that the brand collaboration will add value to them as individuals as well as for their audience.

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